DS: Blouses, cutsew

Bodyline blouse with detachable sleeves
Size: M 
Back center of length 57cm
Bust 96cm
shoulder length 37cm
sleeve length 62/23cm
Waist 76-86cm

Condition: great condition, but the color of the top button has faded away (see next picture)

Price: 250 SEK (29euro)
Shipping: 95 SEK within EU, 145 SEK international


Meta Black Blouse
It has the back shirring 
Bust: max 96 cm 
Worn only twice

Price: 400 SEK (46 euro)
Shipping: 95 SEK within EU, 145 SEK international


BtssB Round Collar Pullover (pink)
MEASUREMENTS: 54cm length, 82cm bust, 66cm sleeve length
Condition: Has been washed , 4/5 

Price: 400 SEK (46 euro)
shipping: 85 SEK within EU, 165 SEK international


DS: Need these gone!!! Price OBO

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- No return or refund, sorry

BtssB Cherish my Juicy Cherry Candy JSK
Never worn! Brand new!

Price: 2300 SEK (265 euro)
shipping: 150 SEK within Europe, 195 SEK international



ETC strawberry jsk (mint) 
Very good condition. Only worn twice.
The back is shirred
Bust: ~85cm 
Waist: ~68 cm

Price: 1400 sek (161 euro)
Shipping: 130 SEK within Europe, 160 SEK international

IW classical ribbon dress (in brown)
New without tag
Bust: 91
Waist: 68 
Length: 96

more info: http://lolibrary.org/node/6960

Price: 1700 SEK+ shipping (198 euro) 
shipping: 150 SEK within EU , 195 SEK international



BtssB Ribbon Heart Bag

Very good condition, no flaws
Shipping: 110 SEK within EU/ 150 SEK international


Angelic Pretty Marionette Clock JSK in pink
Bust: 90
Waist: 72
Length: 89


Condition: 4/5
material is wool so it is very soft
It has been washed and you can see it from those detail pictures

Non shirred
Bust: 96cm max
High-Waist: 76cm
Length: 90-92 cm

Price: 1100 SEK
Shipping: 130 SEK within Europe,  160 SEK international

List of What Can & Can't be Washed

Originally posted by junkyarddollxx at List of What Can & Can't be Washed
So I decided to try to be helpful by making a master list of what can & can't be washed.

Thank you everyone for your input! I will try & keep this list as up to date as I can through out the year.

Please comment with any prints you've had problems with or ones that you've had machine or hand wash success. I will add them to list.

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